The Empathy Exams

If I were up to reviewing a book right about now, I’d certainly review this book.

The Empathy Exams by Leslie Jamison

Here are a couple.

One at Harpers

One at the LA Times



Spring has sprung.


I’ve got to figure out how to use my camera

It’s been too long. I have a lovely Canon Rebel EOS Rebel T3, and I’m scared of it. Not exactly frightened that I’ll break it, but timid around it. I’ve used it one too many times with disastrous results, and that has meant I’ve failed to capture important moments in my life because of it. Had I opted instead to use my iPhone’s camera, I would at least have something half way decent. But instead, I’ve ended up with blurry photos that are worthless.


Time to start conquering the Rebel.